A.P. O’Horo brings a unique combination of experience, expertise, creativity and professionalism to every one of our transportation projects. From the earliest planning stages through final completion, we successfully meet every challenge and exceed expectations.

We participate in design-build projects, and several 60-day bridge closures are among the many bridges we have built each year. A.P. O’Horo self-performs most of the work, including demolition, carpentry and concrete work. We are ODOT and PennDOT approved.


The A.P. O’Horo Company boasts many years of experience in construction of water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. We have completed projects ranging from $10,000 to more than $30 million.

We self-perform all our own civil construction, including dirt work, piping and concrete. We also complete our own mechanical work, including equipment and pump installation.


A.P. O’Horo Company offers full industrial construction and plant installation services for companies in the manufacturing, power transmission, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum and power generation fields.

We have the finances, workforce, equipment, safety standards and materials to realize and complete any industrial infrastructure.


The A.P. O’Horo Company is committed to the construction of world-class quality commercial buildings. Our philosophy emphasizes both design and function. We believe that quality should never be sacrificed over appearance, nor appearance be sacrificed over quality.

We use a hands-on approach in the execution of our services. We’re there for all steps and aspects of the construction, from planning to project completion.

Commercial buildings are constructed for the main purpose of generating revenue, and we understand that time considerations are crucial. Therefore, we give our clients a realistic time frame for completion. We do not make false promises — but you can be assured fast and safe construction is our priority.


The A.P. O’Horo Company offers a variety of civil construction services that include drainage and sewer construction, concrete paving, installation of water pumps and wells, and other earth works. We provide a wide array of civil construction projects including pipelines, tunnels, civil, railways, roads, concrete paving, excavation and other special projects.

Our experienced, well-trained employees ensure projects of superior quality, completed on-time and within budget.


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